Aran Buzzas

Aran Buzzas: Niki's Closet Demo (2010)Singer/songwriter Aran Buzzas, a native of Missoula, Montana, made his musical debut in the mid '90s playing classic rock in his high school band Groundswell. Since then, Aran has written and recorded two albums, "Just Bein' Here" and "Niki's Closet Demo" on his analog 4-track while brushing up his lead guitar chops. "Just Bein' Here," released in 2008, combines strong song-writing, lots of guitars, and innovative back-up vocals from close friend and collaborator Mike Dunn in songs spanning the genres of rock, country, blues and traditional Irish. Aran plays all the instruments himself and layers them in to create depth. From the bluesy rock basis of "Just Bein' Here," Aran has developed traditional and outlaw country sound which incorporates edgy Irish trad. Released in August 2010, the "Niki's Closet Demo" showcases this stripped down sound featuring bluesy country songs and one tragic Irish rocker track in a more mature sound. Want to catch the sound live? Look for Aran on the streets and stages of Missoula, Montana in the months to come!

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